I Would Like To Acknowledge How Wonderful My Stay Was At Short Term Housing Austin!

In the past, I have had some trouble when it came to traveling. My travel agency would always place me in mediocre hotels where I had trouble sleeping and feeling like I was at home. Thankfully, my accommodation situation changed when I was relocated to a corporate home. Short term housing Austin is a temporary accommodation that fits perfectly for individuals who likes a unique taste of home with plenty of space to live in comfortably.

The best feature of short term housing Austin is their fully equipped kitchen. Rather than wasting my time trying to find something to eat every day, all I have to do is look up a recipe and cook.   The kitchen included new appliances, glassware, utensils, and cookware. Apartment and Relocation Center gave me the opportunity to save money, prepare meals, and time during my business trip.  The second favorite space was the living room right next to the kitchen.

The living room had the best windows and views to see Austin TX area sunsets.  It was also equipped with the state of the art entertainment system.  Additionally the short term housing Austin living room has a sense of spaciousness due to their high ceilings. Thanks to the comfortable atmosphere I was able to relax and enjoy living in short term housing Austin during days when I wasn’t working on my recent project.

The bedroom and bathroom were both supplied with clean linen and plenty of toiletries. Both were decorated with great modern touches and temporary decor. There was also a patio close to the short term housing Austin bathroom giving access to some fresh air.

When the days were long and I quickly became bored, I was able to occupy myself with special community features near my short term housing Austin.  They had plenty of activities to do like swimming, playing tennis, and lounging around.  It gave me a chance to meet and connect with new people around the Austin TX area.

My last favorite feature of short term housing Austin was the convenient location. I was able to reach nearby restaurants, bars, tourist destinations, and more thanks to the brilliant location.  It was great to commute to Austin TX area in about ten minutes.  It saved me time to sleep in and add last minute touches to my work project.

–Apartment and Relocation Center invites you to contact them at http://www.aptreloctr.com or call 800-462-7138 for assistance with all your short term housing Austin needs.–

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