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A Most Preferred Furnished Rental in El Paso Awaits You!

As you complete your plans for an extended visit to the El Paso TX area, our management team and staff at Corporate Comforts want to present to you our furnished rentals in El Paso for your housing accommodations.  Our furnished rentals in El Paso for a long period of time have been considered one of […]

The Hottest Corporate Apartments in El Paso!

Life as a firefighter can get pretty hot. But when we are training in El Paso TX, Corporate Comforts helps my team stay cool with wonderful corporate apartments in El Paso. I suppose I’ve always been somewhat of a pyromaniac, so I figured that there was no better way to satisfy my fiery desires than […]

My Trip For A Family Reunion Included Corporate Housing in El Paso!

The moment I heard we were having our family reunion at El Paso TX area, I knew to contact Corporate Comforts.  Ever since I stayed with them last year in a short-term home, I fell in love with it.  Our family reunion announcement was a little early and Corporate Comforts was willing to book my […]

All Was Provided When I Stayed At a Corporate Apartment in El Paso!

My profession takes to all over the world. Usually my accommodation for during my travels is expensive hotels.  After staying in them for months on end I have started to become sick of them.  The cramped and lifeless rooms bore me.  This time I was to travel to El Paso TX area.  I decided to […]

Take a Break and Use A Furnished Rental El Paso.

Have you ever thought of a long term staycation? My husband and I decided we needed a big change in our life so we sold our home and leased a furnished rental El Paso in El Paso TX. This was a seller’s market and we wanted to take advantage of that. Our children had moved […]

All Your Needs Can Be Fulfilled By Corporate Housing in El Paso!

If you are visiting Corporate Comforts for a few weeks, don’t stay at a hotel; come to corporate housing in El Paso. We allow you to stay longer than hotels, and you will not get bored with our interior design. Corporate housing in El Paso is a place for you to relax and experience the […]

I Stayed Briefly At Short Term Housing in El Paso With The Best Experience!

As a professional photographer, my job is to travel around the country.  My tendencies are a little annoying since I want everything in quality. I need quality pictures, company, and life.  Now this is when I stumbled upon short term housing in El Paso.  I am glad to say this brief housing was quality also. […]

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