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I Love Staying At Temporary Furnished Apartments in San Francisco!

My life consists of frequently traveling across the country. It can really take a toll on an individual who is always away from home.  I have lately been exhausted of the same boring hotels I typically stay at.  Although I have had the option to stay at a short-term home in the past, I was […]

Need a Temporary Furnished Apartment in San Francisco.

I am an oil executive and I travel for long periods of time with my career. There is very to be very high demand individuals with my special skills. I am moving to San Francisco CA for six months and will need a temporary furnished apartment in San Francisco for that period. I am moving […]

Starting Multi National Company and Need A Furnished Apartment San Francisco!

I have a multinational start up business in San Francisco CA and I will need a furnished apartment San Francisco. I am hiring employees and leasing commercial space, to name a few of the tasks that must be done. My full-time home is a few hours away and it is a small town with limited […]

Trade Show Exhibitors Unwind at Corporate Housing San Francisco!

Working on the road can be a rewarding and relaxing experience with the help of Suite America, whose whole objective is to provide you and your traveling team with all the comforts of home at corporate housing San Francisco in lovely San Francisco CA. With Suite America, you will be able to focus all your […]

Furnished Apartments San Francisco Are Not Just Full Of Hot Air!

Not many people take me seriously when I tell them that I own and operate a hot air balloon company. But, when my balloons need maintenance, I call Suite America for one of their furnished apartments San Francisco in San Francisco CA so that I can oversee the whole operation. I remember as a kid, […]

Stylish Corporate Apartments San Francisco For My Fashion Work!

I love fashion design more than anything else in this world. And the joy that I experience getting to work in San Francisco CA while living in beautiful corporate apartments San Francisco provided by Suite America is completely unparalleled to any experience that I have ever enjoyed. I’ve always been into the fashion and design […]

Tenured Teacher Needing Furnished Apartments San Francisco.

I am moving to San Francisco CA for a teaching position and I need furnished apartments San Francisco. This is a great career move for me and I am so looking forward to this next phase of my life. Working in the humanities department of this school has been a dream of mine. I have […]

I Am a Songwriter and Need Corporate Apartments San Francisco.

I am a songwriter that has recently had some success. Now I feel the pressure to create music which is why I need corporate apartments San Francisco. I am trying not to let the commercial side of music to dictate my decisions but it is hard to stay creative when you feel the pressure of […]

SuiteAmerica Chooses Dundas Data Visualization for Client and Internal Dashboard Solution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 23, 2014 Today Dundas announces that SuiteAmerica, an employee owned corporate housing company, has chosen the Dundas Dashboard platform for its dashboard solution. SuiteAmerica uses Dundas Dashboard to realize internal efficiencies by creating internal dashboards, and add to its service offering by creating client-facing dashboards. Jim Masten, CEO of SuiteAmerica, chose […]

I was a visiting professor needing short term rentals San Francisco.

I am a college professor and I was invited to teach at the university in San Francisco CA. As a visiting professor, I had housing challenges since I was on contract. This is where I needed short term rentals San Francisco. I did not have time to look for a home or an apartment since […]

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