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The art of tanning leather has become such a small industry that those of us left who still practice this time-old trade often meet in New Jersey for small gatherings to share supplies and knowledge or other information that may help our practice survive longer into the future. While meeting with my fellow tanners, I also get the added bonus of being able to reside in a beautiful Bridgewater furnished apartment by none other than NJ Short Term Rentals.

When I was a kid, my mother and I would go hunting very regularly. It wasn’t so much for sport as it was a method of survival because the meat we would earn sustained my whole family.

Through our many hunting trips, I came to understand and appreciate the whole process of hunting and cleaning and ultimately utilizing every part of my prey. My mother was always very careful to ensure that we used every single part of whatever animal we had caught so as to not only derive the most use from the energy we put into hunting, but to also honor the loss of the animal which we had dominated.

Through these lessons, I learned the art of tanning hides and leathers so as to use these treasures for other useful purposes. I became very attached to this process because it felt like I was becoming closer to the animal I had hunted by dealing so closely with its body.

This kind of spiritual attachment makes me feel fulfilled and happy to continue the tradition that my mother taught me. This is why I continue my work and I enjoy sharing it with others, including the few others who have also found such purpose in their tanning abilities.

Meeting with my fellow tanners in New Jersey makes me feel so alive and connected! What’s more, being able to return to a wonderfully pleasant Bridgewater furnished apartment at the end of the day makes me appreciate my dealings with NJ Short Term Rentals.

I feel like the staff at NJ Short Term Rentals, though in a very different world than mine, are able to draw a similar passion and purpose from their work. This matching of spirits makes me feel much more comfortable in my Bridgewater furnished apartment.

I am thankful for the life I have lived and the lessons I have learned that have brought me to share my tanning in New Jersey. And I am thankful to NJ Short Term Rentals for their hand in making me feel so welcome in their Bridgewater furnished apartments.

— NJ Short Term Rentals invites you to contact them at or call 800-213-2550 for assistance with all your Bridgewater furnished apartments needs.–

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