Composing My Corporate Housing in Portland Oregon!

Composing music is one of my life’s greatest joyful activities, but it can also occasionally be the bane of my existence. This is why, when I am composing new music, I like to take some time to myself in Portland OR and book a personal corporate housing in Portland Oregon from Extended Stay Properties NW Portland so that I can relax and focus on my work in peace without any pressures from the outside world.

There have been too many times in the past where I have started a new piece of music and been rolling into it well, only to be harshly halted due to some pestering fellow, or mildly annoying sound pollution nearby, or even a telemarketing phone call. I can get distracted easily, so it is best if I am left to my own devices in solitude for a while in order to get my work done well.

For a time, I thought that simply having a separate office space that would be dedicated to my music would enable me to escape the normal world and immerse myself into the music, and this did work for a time. But right when I thought that I had found my solution, a dear friend of mine actually called the police who came barging into my home because she thought that I was being robbed.

In reality, I was simply trying to get into the right headspace by darkening my house and using a flashlight as my only source of light to emulate a cave dwelling in a forbidden dungeon. So while I appreciated her concern, I was rudely interrupted and unable to pick up where I had left off.

I came to the realization that many composers take leaves of absence in order to immerse themselves in their music and write new pieces in much needed quiet.

So I got on the phone with Extended Stay Properties NW Portland, asked for their most remote and secluded and private corporate housing in Portland Oregon in Portland OR for me to live for a short time in peace. What they were able to provide for me was nothing short of extraordinary.

This corporate housing in Portland Oregon has been so splendidly comfortable and quiet that I have found myself composing what I think to be some of the best music of my life! Never before did it occur to me that services from a company like Extended Stay Properties NW Portland may provide me with the right environment to operate so creatively!

I am very thankful to Extended Stay Properties NW Portland for their corporate housing in Portland Oregon in Portland OR because it has provided me with the necessary space to get my work done in peace. I look forward to my next immersion trip to see where this wonderful mental trip can take me!

— Extended Stay Properties NW Portland invites you to contact them at or call 800-997-7965 for assistance with all your corporate housing in Portland Oregon needs.–

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