Come And Stay In Corporate Housing Knoxville!

Corporate Quarters, Inc. welcomes you to corporate housing Knoxville in Knoxville TN area. As soon as you step onto our property, you will feel as if the accommodation is your second home with plenty of security. Not only do we provide corporate homes but we also give our guests the gift of brightening up their day with great customer service.

The first convenient factor about corporate housing Knoxville is our location. Location is key and it is the only way it will make or break a hotel or temporary housing company. Corporate Quarters, Inc. planned carefully and located the property in close proximity to Knoxville TN area. With nearby access taking about fifteen minutes, there will be restaurants, attractions, government offices, and shopping for your enjoyment.

No need to worry any further about the given amenities included in your expenses. Al the standard rates include our corporate housing Knoxville features like dishwasher, walk-in closets, linen cabinets, bay windows, and air conditioning. We also are open and flexible to any changes so feel free to ask for a different floor plan or bigger size.

Our purpose for the temporary accommodation is for you to feel at home for a short-term. No matter how short or long the length may be, Corporate Quarters, Inc. will create the community feel for you. This can be done by visiting our community amenities like laundry facilities, fitness center, and lounge area.  Not only are you able to exercise and continue your health regiment at corporate housing Knoxville but also socialize and expand your social network.

Confused about the leasing part? All you have to do is contact you leasing agent and discuss the terms and conditions of corporate housing Knoxville and relay them to Corporate Quarters, Inc.  The rates for the short-term homes are dependent upon the floor plan( we have up to two full bathroom and bedrooms), amount of extra amenities, and the duration of your stay.

Located in a impeccable part of Knoxville TN area, corporate housing Knoxville is one of the most well-known short-term housing cooperation with plenty of spacious rooms, industry-leading amenities, and close proximity to all the major events downtown.

–Corporate Quarters, Inc. invites you to contact them at or call 800-371-1594 for assistance with all your corporate housing Knoxville needs.–

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